Houtskool barbecue - MULTIFUNCIONAL

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  • NECESSARY ACCESSORIES FOR FREE - the grill comes with accessories that will allow you to prepare amazing dishes: a spatula, fork and tongs. Made of stainless steel. They have comfortable wooden handles and thanks to special straps, you can hang them anywhere. A special blower will help you light up a traditional grill. Now it will take a few moments. The set also includes two fireproof Teflon grilling mats with a non-stick coating, thanks to which you can easily grill vegetables, eggs or meat without the need to use fat.
  • DIVER WITH HANDLE INCLUDED - 5-in -1 garden grill is equipped with a practical spit, allowing meat to be roasted over the heat , without contact with fire. The spit rotates , making it easier to ensure that the meat is cooked evenly on all sides. There are also elements supporting the meat in a given position, thanks to which it will not turn in a circle on the stick.
  • ADDITIONAL SMALL GRATE - The grill with a rotisserie has an additional small grate, which will be perfect, for example, to heat a dish in a pot , without taking up valuable space for grilled dishes. There is also a hook for hanging the kettle with water - perfect for boiling water in the kettle.
  • PLACE FOR HANGING GRILL KITCHEN - The 5-in-1 garden grill has a special rim on which you can easily hang the used barbecue utensils, thanks to which they will be always at hand and will not be accidentally dirty. Additionally, the rim protects the distance from the hot furnace bowl.
  • HIGH QUALITY - The garden grill with a rotisserie has been designed so that its structure is as stable as possible, and its individual elements are resistant to high temperatures, thanks to which it will serve for many seasons. The large fire bowl is sturdy and durable, as are the grates and other components.
  • SPECIFICATION - rotisserie: yes; smaller grate: yes; hook: yes; safety rim: yes; dimensions: 102 / 98cm; weight: 12.85 kg; weight in the package: 14.95 kg


  • spit: yes
  • smaller grate: yes
  • hook: yes
  • safety rim: yes
  • dimensions: 102 / 98cm
  • weight: 12.85 kg
  • weight in the package: 14.95 kg


  • Grill
  • blower
  • FREE spatula, fork and tongs
  • FREE blower
  • 2 Teflon mats for FREE