Wall fireplace - Bio ethanol fireplace - MIRROR EDITION

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Bio fireplaces offer an alternative to traditional fireplaces for those who want to enjoy a fire with real flames without the need for work or installation. They work thanks to an Alcohol of natural origin and with a high energy capacity, achieving a practically immediate feeling of warmth. East Alcohol belonging to the range of renewable energy sources, it gives off only a small amount of water vapor at the time of combustion, so you can also forget about smoke and ash.

Wide panoramic bio fireplace. The front panel bio fireplace with a stainless steel and black frame adds great elegance to the wall of any home. Equipped with 3 burners.


    • Wide panoramic bio fireplace on the wall.

    • Dimensions (LxPxH): 150 x 15 x 54 cm

    • Weight: 32 kg

    • Approximate heating power: equal to 6 kW

    • Finish: stainless steel and steel in black.

    • 3 1.2 L combustion tanks made of stainless steel with fiber included for greater safety

    • Includes tools to control or extinguish the flame

    • Real flames, almost immediate feeling of warmth

    • Clean, smoke and ash free and easy to maintain

  • Independent of another energy source, such as gas or electricity