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  • GRILL WITH A LID AND THERMOMETER - thanks to the fact that the KAMINER garden grill has a lid, it gives us many more possibilities. We will prepare more demanding dishes, such as large pieces of meat, vegetables and even pizza. In addition to the fact that it can be used as an ordinary grill without a lid, it can replace an outdoor oven. Thanks to the possibility of air circulation, we obtain a thermo-circulation effect that evenly distributes the air inside. The thermometer allows you to precisely control the temperature inside the grill (up to 300 degrees Celsius). Reading its indications is extremely easy, while the scale clearly shows the temperature range suitable for different types of meat.
  • NECESSARY ACCESSORIES FOR FREE - the grill comes with accessories that will allow you to prepare amazing dishes: a spatula, fork and tongs. Made of stainless steel. They have comfortable wooden handles and thanks to special straps, you can hang them anywhere. A special blower will help you light up a traditional grill. Now it will take a few moments. The set also includes two fireproof Teflon grilling mats with a non-stick coating, thanks to which you can easily grill vegetables, eggs or meat without the need to use fat.
  • WHEELS - thanks to the fact that the garden grill is equipped with legs on wheels, it is extremely easy to transport. You can easily move it to any place, even when dishes are being prepared on it. To make transport even easier, the grill has a special handle, thanks to which we can conveniently push the equipment.
  • HIGH QUALITY OF WORKMANSHIP - so that the KAMINER grill will serve you as long as possible, it was made of high quality materials. Its bowl and legs are made of stainless steel. Thanks to this, it is resistant to high temperatures. It has been painted with the powder method, which prevents the formation of rust and makes it look great.
  • SPECIFICATION - color: black; material: stainless steel; dimensions (length / height / width): 80/49/120 cm; grate dimensions (length / width): 45 / 35cm; bottom shelf dimensions (length / width): 43/33 cm; thermometer: yes; air circulation regulation: yes; weight: 14.2 kg; weight in the package: 15.2 kg


  • black colour
  • material: stainless steel
  • dimensions (length / height / width): 80/49/120 cm
  • grate dimensions (length / width): 45 / 35cm
  • bottom shelf dimensions (length / width): 43/33 cm;
  • thermometer: yes
  • air circulation regulation: yes
  • weight: 14.2 kg
  • weight in the package: 15.2 kg


  • Grill
  • FREE OF CHARGE: spatula, tongs and fork
  • FREE : blower
  • FREE : 2x Teflon mat