Bio-ethanol stove - Standing design model

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Bioethanol stoves offer an alternative to traditional fireplaces and stoves for those who want to enjoy a fire with real flames. It works thanks to an Alcohol of natural origin and a high energy capacity, achieving a feeling of almost instant warmth. This Alcohol belonging to the range of renewable energies, only releases water vapor in a weak amount at the time of combustion, which also allows you to forget about vapors and ash.


Suitable for indoor use. It does not need smoke exhaust.
Dimensions (LxPxH): 60 x 35 x 97 cm
Estimated heat demand: equivalent to 3.0 kW
Finish: Steel
Capacity: 1 1.5L tank made of stainless steel, so the resistance is a safe guarantee.
Real flames, feeling of almost instant heat
Clean, smoke-free, ash-free and easy to maintain
Independent of another energy source, such as gas or electricity
Includes a shutdown tool

The fuel

Bioethanol stoves use a liquid fuel of clean vegetable origin and respectful of the environment. It is obtained by a completely natural process, by the fermentation of plants such as sugar cane, beets, etc. and by the distillation of the starch in wheat and maize.