Barbecue aanblazer

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  • NO MORE BLOWING - the times when it was necessary to blow coal to light a fire are long gone. Now all you need is a good quality grill lighting blower, a we get the desired flame quickly and without unnecessary effort .
  • LESS FIRE-UP - perfectly blown heat is not only that saving energy and time , but also a much smaller amount of fire lighters that must be used to prepare your favorite dishes.
  • WORKS ON BATTERIES - the presented grill lighting pump is powered by batteries. This small gadget has a built-in turbine which is started after pressing the POWER button.
  • SMALL DIMENSIONS - electric grill blower it is solid and durable, and does not take up much space. Her compact dimensions make it easy to take with you when planning a camping trip.
  • SPECIFICATION - material: PP + aluminum alloy; dimensions: 9/8/13 cm; power supply: R20 battery (not included); weight: 0.13 kg.


  • Material: PP + aluminum alloy
  • dimensions: 9/8/13 cm
  • power supply: R20 battery (not included)
  • weight: 0.13 kg